Spiritual Gifts

God uniquely designs every person with gifts that help us and others experience full life in Jesus Christ. The Spiritual Gifts Discovery Assessment inventories your answers to a series of questions in order to sketch out your likely gift mix.

There are no right or wrong answers in the assessment. You may have one area in which you are strongly gifted or many areas. And don’t worry about the areas the assessment ranks as lower giftings for you. The Church of Jesus Christ is a body that includes people with all sorts of different gift mixes. Cedar Hills needs your exact gift mix in order to more fully express and pursue the mission God’s given to us as a church family.

With a clear sense of your top gifts, you’ll be able to deploy your unique abilities to participate in the kingdom of God in your relationships, your family, your workplace, your church, and in every other area of your life.

Set aside five to ten minutes to complete the assessment. After you complete the assessment, you can download a profile sheet for each gift that describes the gift more fully and offers suggestions for expressing that gift in service to God and others.

Click on the image below to begin your assessment today!