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Why Prayer Training?


Posted by Kiersten Patterson on

The antique piano made with solid wood and real ivory keys was one of my favorite things in our home growing up in the small town of South Carolina. I would sit and attempt to play the instrument for hours. I loved the sound though most of the keys were out of tune. I remember my Mom hiring a...

The Sparrow and The Shoe


Posted by Vali Johansen on

A week ago I found myself in a driftwood yard, searching for the perfect pieces for an upcoming team builder. My mind was heavy with the loss of my step father only a few days prior. As I walked through the dimness of the driftwood, I looked around at the light that surrounded me.  A pair...

Announcing: Cedar Point


Posted by Andrew Muncherian on

It’s been amazing over my short first 8 months at Cedar Hills to have the opportunity to invest in our families, our Kids’ Ministries teams, and the CH community at large.  I’ve loved getting to meet many of you over the past few months.  God is definitely moving...



Posted by Weston Grillo on

// UNITED // …we can do more together then we could ever do on our own. You know what I’ve noticed? People rarely avoid new things because of a lack of desire or a lack of ambition. More often then not, we as humans resist new things because there is a real or “perceived to be...

Walking The Way Of Jesus


Posted by Eric Rust on

This weekend, we celebrate the joy and power of resurrection…a single act that has reverberated throughout history for 2000 years. Every time I write or say that word…resurrection…something deep inside of me stirs. Seriously, it just happened again! It’s like a rumble...