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Life Group Discussion Questions - 10.2.2016

Posted by Colin Moody on

Life Group Discussion Questions  series: #struggles – week 3    topic: rest  talk it over Put your hands up: Who sleeps with your phone? Who checks email on vacation? Who looks at social media first thing every morning? Last thing of the day? While you’re...

A Blueprint for Prayer

Posted by Colin Moody on

A Blueprint for Prayer note: A version of this article originally appeared in the Sandpoint Reader as a guest response to the prompt, “Do we all pray to the same God?” Most Americans are praying people. At least that’s what a recent Pew Research survey showed. In 2014, more...

Cedar Hills Church Hosts Open House

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Sandpoint, Idaho – “Got church?” For anyone who has ever been disaffected from church in the past, or perhaps never had a church experience growing up – or, is simply spiritually questioning – Cedar Hills has an event for you.   It's the Cedar Hills “Got...

The New World

Posted by Eric Rust on

Some days are hard. Some days are so full of stress and anxiety and fear and heartache that you long to get away for a holiday or vacation. Or maybe a retreat.   You're looking for a place where there are no deadlines to meet and no crises to negotiate. At its best, that's what a vacation...

Sabbatical Update


Posted by Colin Moody on

How was your sabbatical? This is the sort of question that has multiple answers. There’s a one-second answer, a two-minute answer, and a three-hour answer. Since the three-hour answer takes some advance scheduling, here are the one-second and two-minute answers. The One-Second Answer...

An Unlikely Messenger

Posted by Eric Rust on

If you saw her backstage you never would have imagined what fame was soon to come her way.  She walked out on the stage in a frumpy dress.  Slightly mussed up hair.  Bushy eyebrows.  She seemed a bit old and a bit odd for the competition.    Before her first...