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Rebuilding the Walls

Posted by Eric Rust on

Perhaps you remember the popular film critics Siskel and Ebert.  Gene Siskel died in 1999.  Then, in 2006, Robert Ebert lost his lower jaw and his voice to complications from cancer.   After losing his voice, Ebert could communicate in only two ways. He either wrote things down...

World-Changing Exiles

Posted by Eric Rust on

A lot happens in Scripture following the time Adam and Eve took that bite of fruit that gave humankind perpetual indigestion. As a result, they attempted the first cover-up. But since their leaf loincloths were not very practical, God sacrificed an animal to clothe them. The pair was banished...

God's Assignment for You

Posted by Eric Rust on

Recently a third-grade teacher was preparing her students for a state assessment test and compiled a quiz to prepare them for it.  There were twenty questions.  Number eleven on the test was this question: "List in any order the four seasons." A whopping 67% of her third-grade...