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BBQ Beach Baptism

Posted by Colin Moody on

What could be better than a perfect summer day at the beach? How about a perfect summer day at the beach celebrating people who are going public with their faith in Jesus Christ?  For the last 16 years, as a church family we’ve gathered every summer for a BBQ at the picnic pavilion...

A Personal Invitation

Posted by Colin Moody on

If your mailbox is like mine, it’s chock-full of monthly bills, sales flyers, and reminder postcards. Sometimes I’ll see a nice-looking envelope in the stack of mail and think, great, a personal letter. Sadly, it’s usually a cleverly packaged invitation for a lower APR. Every...

Talk Discussion Guide: Jesus Uncensored #2 - Divorce

Posted by Colin Moody on

* Read Matthew 19:3-5. Then read Genesis 1:27 and Genesis 2:24. 1. The Pharisees try to trap Jesus by answering their question. How does Jesus respond? 2. Why do you think he responds the way he does? How does his answer reframe the conversation? * In this week’s talk, Colin said that...