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Cedar Hills Partners With Sandpoint Head Start Center

Posted by Tami Heather on

The last couple of weeks have been really exciting for the Cedar Hills Outreach Department. Eighteen volunteers converged at Head Start of Sandpoint -- a little school located on the corner of Pine and Euclid. Flower beds overrun with weeds were attacked with a vengeance, replaced by Hostas and mulch. A tattered stretch of chain link was replaced by wood to match the existing fence. Leaky sand boxes were repaired, giant chalkboards were installed and an awesome roadway was constructed for toy cars to rumble down the straightway and screech around the turns. Now the parents have a bench to watch from as their children explore and socialize.

Serve Sandpoint, the Outreach program at Cedar Hills Church, struck again and this time left no mess behind. Determined to make a difference in our community, this team of volunteers sweltered in the 90-degree weather to refurbish the playground in preparation for sixty-three 3 to 5 year olds enrolled to attend this September.

Meanwhile in the Cedar Hills 4th to 6th grade Sunday classroom kids assembled 63 backpacks filled with everything from socks to books. Gifted by the benevolence program at Cedar Hills, these backpacks will be delivered to student homes by Head Start teachers before the first day of class.

North Idaho College Head Start is a school readiness program that provides education and support for young children and their families. Children must be between the ages of 3 and 4 on or before September 1st of the enrolling school year. The services include: child education opportunities through classroom settings, nutritious meals and snacks, child developmental screenings and assessment, health information, home visits to support families in achieving their goals, family gatherings and fun learning opportunities.

Head Start also serves children with special needs. Preference is given to families with limited income; applications are accepted throughout the school year and those applicants are placed on a waitlist.

Apply online at http://nic.edu/headstart or stop by at Sandpoint Head Start Center, 101 S. Euclid Ave, Sandpoint.

North Idaho College Head Start in a Federally funded grant program. The program first established in the Sandpoint community in 1992. There are various ways for people/organizations to donate to the Sandpoint Head Start Center. Acts of service and goods can be donated by contacting LaTanya at the center directly (208.263.6232).


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