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I Know My Spiritual Gifts…Now What?

Posted by Eric Rust on

This past weekend at Cedar Hills, we talked about the importance of knowing and using our spiritual gifts…those God-given abilities intended to help others. We were challenged to go online to www.cedarhillschuch.com and take a simple spiritual gift assessment and find out what our top spiritual gifts might be. Already, close to 200 people have taken the assessment. If you have not taken yours yet, stop reading, click here and complete the 10-minute assessment, and then come back and read the rest of this blog!

Congratulations, you’ve completed the assessment and learned how God wired you! That is awesome. So, the next question is, “Now that I know my spiritual gifts, now what?” Great question…because your gifts have to be used to make a difference.

Here are 4 things you can start doing today to use this new knowledge you have.

  1. Learn more about your top gifts

After you complete the assessment, the results page will list your top spiritual gifts. Take the time to click on the symbols that represent you top 3 gifts, and a PDF will open and provide some helpful info about the gift—definitions, Scriptures, and ways to use the gift. The more you know about your gifts, the easier it will be to use them!

  1. Find ways to use your gifts in everyday life

One cool thing about spiritual gifts is that most of them can be used every day in countless ways. If we open our eyes and our hearts, we will see all sorts of opportunities to use what God has given us.  Here’s an example:

  • Maybe you have the spiritual gift of mercy. That’s huge, because this world is in desperate need of mercy and compassion. Look around you this week—at work, at school, at the grocery store—and you will definitely see people all around who are hurting. A few well-spoken words, a touch on the shoulder could be the small thing God uses to turn someone’s life around.
  1. Start experimenting right away

I played soccer my whole childhood. Up until I was 16 I was a field player, and then one day my coach asked if I was willing to fill in as the goalkeeper. Reluctantly I said yes, and 30 minutes later, I had found my new passion! 4 years later, I found myself playing goalie for Northwest University at the colligate level and loving it! I’m so glad I was willing to try something new.

Sometimes, we don’t know what we are good at or what we love to do until we try a bunch of things. So, start experimenting. You might love working with kids…you won’t know till you try. You might thrive in a behind the scenes role with a production team…you won’t know till you try. You might be the best crisis counselor in the region…until you try it, you’ll never know. So, take some risks, try a bunch of stuff and see what sticks.

  1. Check out the Connect Event in the CH lobby after all 4 of this weekend’s gatherings.

This is an easy step to take. This weekend, January 19 and 22, there will be a Connect Event in the Cedar Hills lobby after our Thursday 707 gathering and all three of our Sunday gatherings. At the Connect event, you can find out more about ways that you can begin serving—or maybe just experimenting—through Cedar Hills Church. There is a position for you on the team, and this weekend, we want to help you find it. Plan to stick around the lobby for an extra 10 minutes and see what God does.

I said it last week, and I’ll say it one more time—You won’t know the purpose you were created for until you know the person you were created to be. Now that you know more about who you are, don’t stop…embrace your purpose and step into the position God created you for!


For more information on spiritual gifts and serving, visit www.cedarhillschurch.com, and click the “Get Involved” tab.


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