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Kids Can Participate in Our Christmas Offering

Posted by Andrew Muncherian on

At Cedar Hills, we believe that our mission as the church applies to all ages.  We love kids and we want them to know how important they are to God and that they’re never too young or too small to make a difference.  That’s why this year we want to give kids a chance to participate in our Christmas Offering in support of two global missions trips coming in 2017; one to Brazil and another to the Philippines.  

How will my kids be involved in this year’s giving?

  • Both our Brazil and Philippines trip leaders will be making appearances in classrooms during weekend gatherings in December to share the exciting ways our teams will be making a difference in the world.
  • Giving buckets will be passed around to give kids a chance to give. 

Ideas to help your kids get involved…

1) Offer to pay for a few extra chores this week.

2) Create a family “spare change” jar.  (Don’t forget to check under the couch cushions or the back seat of the car.)

3) Point out Brazil or the Philippines on a map.  Share with them that they can help build a new church building in Brazil or buy medical equipment for people in the Philippines.

Thank you parents!  You’re the most important people in your kids lives.  Thanks for letting us partner with you.


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