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BBQ Beach Baptism

Posted by Colin Moody on

What could be better than a perfect summer day at the beach? How about a perfect summer day at the beach celebrating people who are going public with their faith in Jesus Christ?  For the last 16 years, as a church family we’ve gathered every summer for a BBQ at the picnic pavilion...

An Unlikely Messenger

Posted by Eric Rust on

If you saw her backstage you never would have imagined what fame was soon to come her way.  She walked out on the stage in a frumpy dress.  Slightly mussed up hair.  Bushy eyebrows.  She seemed a bit old and a bit odd for the competition.    Before her first...

Got ID?

Posted by Eric Rust on

  Imagine living your life with a false identity.  That's what happened to Francisco Madariaga Quintela. Nearly 40 years ago his mother, Sylvia, was kidnapped by Argentine security forces.  Her husband Abel last saw his pregnant wife being pushed into a Ford Falcon by army...