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Why Prayer Training?

Posted by Kiersten Patterson on

The antique piano made with solid wood and real ivory keys was one of my favorite things in our home growing up in the small town of South Carolina. I would sit and attempt to play the instrument for hours. I loved the sound though most of the keys were out of tune. I remember my Mom hiring a...

A Blueprint for Prayer

Posted by Colin Moody on

A Blueprint for Prayer note: A version of this article originally appeared in the Sandpoint Reader as a guest response to the prompt, “Do we all pray to the same God?” Most Americans are praying people. At least that’s what a recent Pew Research survey showed. In 2014, more...

World-Changing Exiles

Posted by Eric Rust on

A lot happens in Scripture following the time Adam and Eve took that bite of fruit that gave humankind perpetual indigestion. As a result, they attempted the first cover-up. But since their leaf loincloths were not very practical, God sacrificed an animal to clothe them. The pair was banished...