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Talk Discussion Guide: Jesus Uncensored #3 - Dishonesty

Posted by Colin Moody on

  1. Have you ever made a promise that you knew you couldn’t keep? What were the circumstances of your promise?
  2. Read Matthew 5:33-37. The Pharisees had elaborate formulas for oaths, with some being binding and some not (see Matthew 23:16-20). Why was Jesus opposed to oaths?
  3. What kinds of commitments do you think most people find the hardest to keep?
  4. How do we recover from those times when, for whatever reason, we fail to honor our commitments? Is restoration possible with God and with others? See 1 John 1:9.
  5. Rotating around your group, read each of the following passages aloud. What does each passage tell us about God as a keeper of promises? How might this change the way you relate to God this week? * Romans 10:13  * Isaiah 43:2 *  Psalm 23:4  * Matthew 5:13-16  *Romans 8:38-39
  6. What’s one bite-sized commitment you can either make or renew? Are you willing to share this commitment with the group and invite their accountability?

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