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Talk Discussion Guide: Jesus Uncensored #5 - Enemies

Posted by Colin Moody on

  1. Looking back to elementary school, who was your #1 enemy? Describe an encounter with this person.
  2. Read Matthew 5:43-48 and Luke 6:27-36. How did the Pharisees justify hatred for their enemies? What are the ways people today try to justify their hatred? 

  3. Read Romans 5:8-10. How does God the Father reveal love for His enemies? How do we balance this emphasis on loving our enemies without becoming doormats?
  4. Jesus teaches us to love our enemies with our words, actions and prayers. Which of these three is the most difficult for you? Why? 

  5. Describe a positive role model who demonstrated love for his/her enemies. 

  6. Read Luke 23:32-34 and Acts 7:54-60. How did Jesus and Stephen express forgiveness and love for their enemies?

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