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The Sparrow and The Shoe

Posted by Vali Johansen on

A week ago I found myself in a driftwood yard, searching for the perfect pieces for an upcoming team builder. My mind was heavy with the loss of my step father only a few days prior. As I walked through the dimness of the driftwood, I looked around at the light that surrounded me.  A pair of bald eagles flying above, spring flowers coming into bloom, the sound of the water lapping against the shore, and great conversation with a dear friend. I had spent the majority of the last week in prayer, crying and asking God for so much and all I could utter at that moment as I looked at the beauty around me was, “thank you Lord”.

I spied the perfect piece of wood and headed down the rocky embankment carefully (I had already fallen in and tore my mud boots) to grab it and SNAP there broke my flip flop. We were about a mile from the truck, not on a smooth trail and we had PILES of driftwood to hike out. It was going to be more than one trip and I was going to have to do it with a broken shoe. As a Christian, my first response wasn’t to pray “Lord fix my shoe”! I was too drained to come to God with anything else. So, I laughed and said to myself and to my friend, “we will just have to deal and keep going”. We continued to grab a few more pieces and when we felt like we had all we could carry in two or three trips, we started climbing back up the hill. My friend was down the way a bit, as I climbed up alone and approached the top. I looked down, and in a bush at the crest of the hill was a flip flop -- not just any flip flop, but a seemingly new one, that “happened” to be the right size and the right the side. I picked it up so fast with such joy I yelled to my friend “guess what I just found?!” She, being wise in the spirit, said back just as excited as I, “a flip flop”. I immediately humbly expressed, “thank you Jesus”.

We both knew this was a God moment, a hallelujah minute, a direct action of the Almighty. Now, I get it, you are probably saying it’s a flip flop on the shore, hardly a “god worthy” deliverance. However, I challenge you to see in that moment, God saw a daughter who had lost an earthly father, mentally and spiritually drained, and He knew I could not possibly ask for another thing after days of praying for healing, comfort, and love not only for myself but for my family. Jesus understood. Why? Because Jesus knew what it was like to walk on a rough road with heavy burdens. At that moment, he provided a miracle, He answered a prayer that wasn’t prayed.

 God understands the need even we don’t ask. I know we are all familiar with the verses ‘ask and you shall receive, knock and the door will be opened.’ We are okay coming to God with big asks, the “lottery” prayers if you will, yet something as simple as a sole on my foot was important to Him, even though it didn’t seem important enough to me. I wonder how much we trivialize our asks because we feel they don’t “seem” important to God.

God, himself reminded us of our importance to him.

In Mathew 6:26, it says 26 Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to him than they are?” I can say even on my most insecure worst days, I know I am worth more than a worm eating small bird! God doesn’t want only our big needs, He wants all our needs and desires. Big or small, He wants to meet them. I can say even on my most insecure worst days, I know I am worth more than a worm eating a small bird! If God provides the needs of a sparrow, we can be assured He is ready, able and willing to meet our needs, even the small ones - like a flip flop.


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